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    • Begrafnisregte in die konteks van die Afrika Gewoontereg 

      Pelser, George Frederick (North-West University, 2011)
      Religious and cultural practices and values play an important role in funerals and how funerals should be conducted. This creates considerable conflict in the African customary law among heirs and family members when ...
    • A legal history of oath-swearing 

      Bothma, Frank Philip (North-West University (South Africa) , Potchefstroom Campus, 2017)
      South Africa has a diverse population with various cultures, religions and traditions, all of which enjoy equal protection. This position may cause conflict in areas where the law and religion intersect. One of these areas ...
    • One person's culture is another person's crime : a cultural defence in South African law? 

      Matthee, Jacques Louis (2014)
      The South African legal system is dualistic in nature with the one part consisting of the Western common law and the other consisting of African customary law. Although these two legal systems enjoy equal recognition, they ...