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    • Classifying bent radio galaxies from a mixture of point-like/extended images with machine learning 

      Bastien, David; Oozeer, Nadeem; Somanah, Radhakrishna (IEEE, 2016)
      The hypothesis that bent radio sources are supposed to be found in rich, massive galaxy clusters and the avalibility of huge amount of data from radio surveys have fueled our motivation to use Machine Learning (ML) to ...
    • Linear model of a closed three-shaft Brayton cycle 

      Van Niekerk, Carl R.; Van Schoor, George; Pritchard, John F. (IEEE, 2004)
      A linear model of a closed three-shaft Brayton cycle is developed. The model is intended to give an understanding of the dominant dynamic behavior in a nuclear power system that utilizes a closed three-shaft Brayton cycle. ...