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    • An alternative approach to weighted non-commutative Banach function spaces 

      Steyn, Claud (Springer, 2019)
      We use a weighted analogue of a trace to define a weighted non-commutative decreasing rearrangement and show its relationship with the singular value function. We further show an alternative approach to constructing weighted ...
    • Group actions and ergodic theory on Banach function spaces 

      De Beer, Richard John (2014)
      This thesis is an account of our study of two branches of dynamical systems theory, namely the mean and pointwise ergodic theory. In our work on mean ergodic theorems, we investigate the spectral theory of integrable ...
    • Maximal ergodic inequalities for Banach function spaces 

      De Beer, Richard; Labuschagne, Louis (Elsevier, 2016)
      We analyse the Transfer Principle, which is used to generate weak type maximal inequalities for ergodic operators, and extend it to the general case of σσ-compact locally compact Hausdorff groups acting measure-preservingly ...