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    • Generic rank-k perturbations of structured matrices 

      Batzke, Leonhard; Ran, André C.M.; Rodman, Leiba; Mehl, Christian (Springer, 2016)
      This paper deals with the effect of generic but structured low rank perturbations on the Jordan structure and sign characteristic of matrices that have structure in an indefinite inner product space. The paper is a follow-up ...
    • H-selfadjoint roots of H-selfadjoint matrices and H-polar decompositions over the quaternions 

      Van Straaten, M. (North-West University (South Africa), 2022)
      All vector spaces in this thesis will be endowed with an indefinite inner product defined by an invertible Hermitian matrix H. We study cases where the H has either complex or quaternion entries depending on the context. We ...