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    • Alternatiewe funksies van Swartafrikaans 

      Kriel, Anna Petro (2015)
      The non-standard variety of Afrikaans, namely Black Afrikaans originated with a view to enable an African language mother tongue speaker and an Afrikaans mother tongue speaker to communicate with and understand each other. ...
    • Some morphosyntactic features and variety status of Zimbabwean English : A corpus-based study 

      Marungudzi, Thadeus (North-West University (South Africa), Vaal Triangle Campus, 2016)
      This study aimed to explore the morphosyntactic features characteristic of Zimbabwean English (ZimE) i.e. English as used by Black second language users, and on that basis, determine its variety status. The study mainly ...
    • The syntactic development of grade 12 ESL learners 

      Hattingh, Karien (North-West University, 2005)
      The primary aim of this study is to determine the level of syntactic development in English of South African matriculants. The ESL standard in South Africa has been criticised, but no objective data are available. This ...