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    • Deep neural networks for prediction of solar flares 

      Krynauw, D.D. (North-West University (South Africa), 2021)
      Solar flares are enormous explosions on the solar surface that originates from sunspots, which could cause damage to satellites, power grids and radio communication systems. Having early-warning systems that could accurately ...
    • Interpretable speaker diarisation for child language environment analysis 

      Tembo, Francis Anesu Phineas (North-West University (South Africa)., 2023)
      Speaker diarisation is an essential upstream processing step in many speech processing applications. In child natural language environment analysis, it is used to partition long-format recordings into segments with respect ...
    • Interpreting deep neural networks with sample sets 

      Venter, Arthur Edgar William (North-West University (South Africa)., 2022)
      Despite their impressive performances on a range of widespread tasks, deep neural networks (DNNs) are generally considered `black box' models due to the lack of transparency behind their decision-making processes. ...