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    • Multifrequency observations of the candidate neutrino-emitting blazar BZB J0955+3551 

      Paliya, Vaidehi S.; Böttcher, M.; Olmo-García, A.; Domínguez, A.; Gil de Paz, A. (IOP Publishing, 2020)
      The recent spatial and temporal coincidence of the blazar TXS 0506+056 with the IceCube-detected neutrino event IC-170922A has opened up a realm of multimessenger astronomy with blazar jets as a plausible site of cosmic-ray ...
    • On the detection potential of blazar flares for current neutrino telescopes 

      Kreter, M.; Böttcher, M.; Kadler, M.; Krauss, F.; Mannheim, K. (IOP Publishers, 2020)
      Blazar jets are extreme environments, in which relativistic proton interactions with an ultraviolet photon field could give rise to photopion production. High-confidence associations of individual high-energy neutrinos ...
    • Optical observations reveal strong evidence for high-energy neutrino progenitor 

      Lipunov, V.M.; Böttcher, M.; Kornilov, V.G.; Zhirkov, V.; Gorbovskoy, E. (IOP Publishing, 2020)
      We present the earliest astronomical observation of a high-energy neutrino error box of which the variability was discovered after high-energy-neutrino detection. The one robotic telescope of the MASTER global international ...