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    • The Constitutional Validity of Search and Seizure Powers in South African Criminal Procedure 

      Basdeo, V (2009)
      An important part of crime investigation is the obtaining of evidence through the search and seizure of persons and things. The South African Constitution Summary 1 At the outset it should be pointed out that this article ...
    • Evaluating ISO9001 principles in a service organisation 

      Bowen, Theresa (North-West University (South Africa), 2021)
      ISO9000 is a quality management system (QMS), consisting amongst others of ISO9001, which is a set of international quality assurance (QA) standards that enable companies to manage quality effectively by providing an ...
    • "Fair" Mathematics in Assessing Delictual Damages 

      Steynberg, L (2011)
      In assessing delictual damages the plaintiff is burdened with the duty to prove loss with a preponderance of probability, including uncertain future loss. In quantifying such a claim an actuary is often used to make actuarial ...