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    • Pastoral counselling of the paramedic in the working environment 

      Schröder-Groenewald, Annelene (North-West University, 2012)
      Paramedics are exposed to high levels of stress and trauma in their working environment. Research has its focus on the coping mechanisms and trauma incidents escalating into Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. This study examines ...
    • Perception of social workers regarding life story work with children 

      Gutsche, Kathrine Helen; Hoosain, Shanaaz; Chigeza, Shingairai (South African Society on the Abuse of Children (SAPSAC), 2015)
      The aim of this article was to explore how social workers perceived life story work. Narrative therapy was used as the theoretical framework of this study, which followed a qualitative descriptive design. Six registered ...