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dc.contributor.authorBotes, Romeo
dc.contributor.authorSmit, Imelda
dc.identifier.citationBotes, R. et al. 2014. Pull-Process-Push: Can a Tweaked Algorithm Improve Database Performance Significantly? (In: International Academic conference on engineering, internet and technology, Prague,December 12-13. p. 41-48).en_US
dc.description.abstractDesign science research has two essential processes, design and evaluation, supported by various approaches. Two of these activities, namely problem identification and evaluation, require qualitative data to be gathered by means of interviews. Despite its strengths, the analysis of qualitative data gathered from an interview, is not popular with researchers in design science research, most design science researchers are trained in the technical aspects required for artefact design and development and find qualitative data collection and analysis outside their field of expertise. Although there is no shortage of general research on qualitative approaches, there is a shortage of includes a multitude of approaches like studying documents, using focus group interviews and the observation of an environment. This paper demonstrates a seven step process for using qualitative data gathered from an interview with a client � to facilitate the understanding of the real application environment and to assist in the evaluation of the artefact from an interpretive research perspective.en_US
dc.publisherCzech institute of academic education z.sen_US
dc.subjectData structuresen_US
dc.subjectDatabase systemsen_US
dc.titlePull-Process-Push: Can a Tweaked Algorithm Improve Database Performance Significantly?en_US
dc.contributor.researchID20953259 - Botes, Andre Romeo
dc.contributor.researchID10199748 - Smit, Imelda

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