31 August 2000



Three contributions on divergent themes appear in this issue:

  • The constitutional limits to the growing volume of discretionary subordinate legislative authority of the South African executive are considered, with comparative references, in the article (in Afrikaans) of Van Rensburg.

  • Van Schaik addresses the manner in which the pervasive tension between the freedom of expression and the prohibition of racial discrimination is dealt with in the law of the Netherlands, with special reference to the implementation of the Convention on the Eradication of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This article is in Dutch.

  • The purpose of Schutte's article, written in Afrikaans, is to ascertain whether the distinction between the obligatory agreement, delivery of the thing concerned or registration, and the real agreement, as elements of the transfer of ownership, stems from Roman law or whether it emanated from the vulgar law.

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