15 June 1999



The first number of PER which appeared in November 1998, was well received. According to the electronically collected statistics demand for access to the journal was rather wide geographically as well as quantitatively, especially if it is taken into consideration that this is a new publication.

As it goes with this medium, the first number might (although it was not intended as such) have been considered to be an experiment. With this second appearance the successful "experiment" is transformed into an institution – PER has come to stay.

Here we publish three articles – one by a South African author and two by German jurists. Eight members of the Editorial Council were involved in refereeing the contributions that were offered for publication. To the referees involved, all people with extraordinarily busy programmes, the sincere thanks of the editors.

The editors await with anticipation readers' comments and recommendations. It can be sent with ease by electronic mail from within the journal: simply click on "Letters to the editor". We are likewise pleased to receive original manuscripts for publication in Afrikaans, German, English or Dutch.

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