2 December 1999



In this second volume of 1999 we make a distinction for the first time between full length articles and shorter contributions and for the first time a contribution is published in the Dutch language. Readers and contributors are again reminded that we gladly publish articles (and also shorter contributions) in any of the four languages (Afrikaans, Dutch, English and German). Each contribution that is offered for publication, is refereed by two of the members of our Editorial Board for its scholarly quality.

It is of particular concern for the editors to maintain a good standard of scholarship. It is therefore encouraging to note that readers visit the electronic pages of PER from a wide variety of countries and that the texts are frequently downloaded.

A new function that has now been developed, is the opportunity of readers to subscribe to the journal. Subscription is free of charge and offers the subscribers the advantage that they will receive notice by e-mail as soon as a new edition of PER is published.

We would like to thank the editor of De Rebus for the publication of an article on PER which appeard in the October 1999 edition, as well as the editor of the Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg for publishing my introductory letter in August this year (No 3 at 474).

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